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Artwork „Polar Change“ by Chiara Mensa

Wer sich an die Kampagne von Barack Obama im Jahr 2008 erinnert, wird sich beim Anblick unseres Designs „Polar Change“ daran vielleicht erinnern. Denn hierauf bezieht sich Chiara mit ihrer Botschaft für den Kampf gegen den Klimawandel: „I have always felt very strongly about the issue of the destruction of species‘ habitat. When thinking about it, what has always left me quite puzzled is the fact that human kind feels untouched by this phenomena and this is simply not true! Global warming with all its different effects is damaging the habitat of many animal species as well as our own (no matter how untouchable&invincible we feel!) – we are all affected because, in the end, we are all sharing the same collective habitat: Earth. This main conviction brought me to choose a polar bear as the subject of my design because it symbolizes the important issue of endangered species with the added layer of bringing attention to the melting ice caps being the arctic its natural habitat. Moreover, the general style of the design mimicking the famous Obama 2008 campaign posters aims to convey in people’s minds the necessity of „CHANGE“ when it comes to global warming and its effects (without explicitly writing so).“

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Über den Beutel

Unser kleiner Bio-Lastesel für jede Lebenslage. Mit unserem Beutel kannst du praktisch alles von A nach B bringen, vom guten Rotwein bis zum Goldhamster.

Viel mehr Nachhaltigkeit in Form von Recycling geht nicht, denn für unsere Beutel werden zu 60 % Biobaumwoll-Verschnitte aus der Textilproduktion sowie zu 40 % recycelte Plastikflaschen (Polyester) wiederverwendet, die damit nicht mehr als Müll in unseren Ozeanen landen können – Eco Fashion zum Tragen also. Der Beutel ist etwa 36 cm breit und 40 cm hoch.

Jeder Beutel wird nach Bestelleingang für dich von Hand bedruckt, geherzt und auf die Reise geschickt. Durch den individuellen Druck ist jeder Beutel ein Einzelstück. Du möchtest dein Lieblingsmotiv auf einem anderen Produkt? Sprich‘ uns an, wir versuchen, alle Wünsche zu erfüllen!

Über den Künstler: Chiara Mensa

Hello! I am an Italian architect currently living in the UK. I am fueled by a big love for graphic design and animals – my hope is to find a path in life to merge these two loves of mine in a successful and meaningful way. Cheers!

– Year of birth, location, type of education?
1986, Rome–Italy, B.arch (‚Architecture school‘), graduated summa cum laude

– Three wishes! What do you use them for?
Helping animal welfare & conservation efforts, travelling as far and wide as possible, ensuring I keep an open and curious mind all the way into my later years.

– What have you learnt from life?
Never be content but always push forward while accepting that ’someday you’re the bug, someday you’re the windshield‘, as said by one of my favourite quotes.

– You on a desert island – who or what do you take with you?
My partner and cat, as well as pen and drafting paper

– Which song can’t be missing in the soundtrack of your life?
‚Baby we’ll be fine‘ by The National

– The three most important things in your everyday life?
Getting stuff done, craving out some time to let my mind wonder, exercise

– Favourite number/color/insect/song/food?
16, deep navy blue, bee, too hard to choose, french fries

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60 % Baumwolle, 40 % Polyester