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„Quality of Human Nature“ Print-Top Frauen


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Artwork „Quality of Human Nature“ by Serginsonillustration.

Der britische Künstler Thomas Serginson adressiert mit seinem Motiv „Quality of Human Nature“ unsere Fähigkeiten, eine bessere Welt zu gestalten: „This particular piece aims to address the viewer directly and challenge them to consider their qualities as a human being. A lot of the inspiration came from looking into conflicts across the globe and looking at aspiring leaders of the past. Each of the three animals is symbolic and represents different qualities and traits of humanity: The owl is wisdom, beauty and intelligence. The Elephant represents strength, endurance and loyalty. Finally, the Wolf represents leadership, team work and instinct. These surround the baby in the center which represents the person viewing the piece and makes them question which of these traits do they have. A good combination of these traits makes a good leader and someone who can make a difference for the better in this world. This piece’s ultimate goal is to ask the viewer if they have the qualities to make a difference for the better.“

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Über das Top

Unser ärmelloses Top „Tukituki“ im Tank-Style. Das Top hat eine leicht „rohe“ und dadurch lässige Optik, da die Kanten an den Armlöchern einfach abgetrennt und nicht sauber umgeschlagen oder versäubert sind. Kleiner Tipp: Wenn du die Seiten unseres Tukituki an den Nähten auftrennst, entsteht nochmal ein völlig anderer lässiger Look – gut in Kombination mit Bandeau.

Das Top besteht gemäß den Vorgaben eines der strengsten Standards in der Kleidungsbranche aus 100 % zertifizierter Bio-Baumwolle (150 g/m²). Hierbei werden über den gesamten Produktionsprozess nicht nur ökologische Kriterien (wie die strikte Trennung von Bio- und konventionellen Fasern oder der Verzicht auf problematische Chemikalien), sondern auch soziale Kriterien (wie die Einhaltung von Mindestlöhnen und die Begrenzung der Arbeitszeiten) regelmäßig geprüft. Für kleinere Näharbeiten kooperieren wir seit Jahren mit einer Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen der AWO in der Nähe von Leipzig.

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Als Referenzgröße empfehlen wir bei 1,75 m und 60 Kg eine S.

Über den Künstler: Serginsonillustration.

I’m an illustrator from the North East of England. I love animals and i love including them with in my work. I am also very passionate about art work in all of its various forms. I am inspired by the world around me and the music that i love mainly. When it comes to drawing i prefer to work in a traditional manner mainly using pencils, pens and inks then work it digitally to tidy everything up.

– Year of birth, location, type of education?
I was born 1993 in the North East of England, in the Stockton On Tees area. My education in illustration has been short a year course level 2 Btec lead to a 3 year Ba(Hons) Illustration course at CCAD in Hartlepool.

– Three wishes! What do you use them for?
More Wishes! It depends on the loop hole and terms and conditions to the wishes for that one mind, the other two would be to have my own studio space to work in. The last wish would be for no light pollution, i’d like to always be able to see the stars on a night. 🙂

– What have you learnt from life?
That life’s hard, but you get out of it what you put into it, definitely go out and try to make as many memories as you can. 🙂

– You on a desert island – who or what do you take with you?
I’d love to take a means to get off the island, like a boat. 🙂 If that’s not allowed mind i’d have to take my best friend with me for the company or a sketch book to pass the time.

– Which song can’t be missing in the soundtrack of your life?
Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles, it was playing during a fantastic trip away with a fantastic group of people.

– The three most important things in your everyday life?
My house mates, then it would have to be my art work, then a fantastic playlist of good music to go with the day.

– Favourite number/color/insect/song/food?
7 is a pretty good, Purple is by far the best colour, my favorite insect has to be the giant millipede they remind me of little trains. 🙂 It is incredibly difficult for me to pick my favourite song as i like so many styles of music, the top 3 at the moment are probably; Brick House by The Commodores, California Gold by The Holy Guile and Good Golly Miss Molly by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Finally my favourite food has to be chocolate fudge cake as it indulges my sweet tooth. 🙂

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